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Colorful studios near the cinquantenaire

Colorful studios near the cinquantenaire

A few weeks ago, we introduced you to our new building, Saint-Josse 46.

Today, we would like to take a few moments down memory lane to showcase our stunning residential building in Rue Champ du Roi 127, renovated in 2017.  

This building has been hosting guests from all over the world for the past six years. We were lucky to host amazing people from a dozen nationalities, including Greece, Bulgaria, Canada… We are delighted to be able to welcome even more of you this year.

If we had to emphasize on one thing for these units, I would say: “Colorful Wallpaper”. Yes, you read it right. The one particularity of this building is that every studio is decorated with a carefully chosen wallpaper. From a bright blue one to a geometric grey, every studio has its own personality, just like our guests!

@aurélie choiral
@aurélie choiral


Let’s start with the neighborhood. The municipality where the accommodation is located, is Etterbeek. On the East Side of Brussels, this district is well known for its green parts. One of the most notorious parks is 5 min away. The Cinquantenaire. This 19th century urban landscape park includes a big arch in its center, overlooked by the giant statue of the four horses pulling a cart.


This park is known for its various parties throughout the year on different themes. From the annual festival of Portugal to outdoor sports classes, a lot of things happen there. You could definitely find something that suits you. In the Cinquantenaire, all nationalities are celebrated.

Beside all that, this park holds a big fountain. In the summer, you can find dogs playing in it.

In summary, an amazing park to walk, have a drink under the sun, smells wonderful flowers during spring, discover multiple museums during winter. It has got it all.


This neighborhood is also very expat-friendly as it stands by the EU Quarter. Near the metro station Schuman you have the Berlaymont, European Commission headquarters building. And of course, filled with diverse restaurants, where you can experience a delicate and affordable cuisine from all continents.


Who wouldn’t want to live there?!



Yes, those units aren’t in the center of Brussels. But do not worry! You will be able to access everything within 10 minutes. This neighborhood is ideally located to be able to go anywhere in a very short time and still enjoying the calm and peaceful charm of Etterbeek.


Moving around won’t be a problem at all. You have two metro lines five minutes away by foot. The lines 1 and 5, which ride from East to West of Brussels, give you access to almost any place to go on a shopping spree, enjoy some beautiful parks, take your trains, ...


The tram line 81 is 2 minutes away by foot from your door, at the station Acacia. This line will take you to all the fanciest places to enjoy the most amazing restaurants of the city. Flagey, Bailli, Merode, and so much more.


For the buses, you have no less than 7 different lines. I don’t need to stay that all of Brussels is accessible in less than 10 minutes from your door to the bus stop.



Let’s talk about the different studios we renovated a few years ago. The building includes six different units. They all have their very own wallpaper in different colors. Two of them (A05 and A06) have two floors, with a built-in mezzanine for the sleeping area.


Each one of them has a TV, a semi equipped-kitchen, WiFi and once a week cleaning. Obviously, all bills are included in the total rent.


A01 – A03

The studio A01 is on the first floor. The wallpaper of this one is very bright. A hint of light blue colors with some small red flowers who will give you the energy you need every morning. Its shower room matches the wallpaper. The tiles are a warm pink.


On the other hand, the studio A03, on the second floor, has a more neutral wallpaper, a grey one. With some geometrical white lines to give a happier side. There, the shower room, also matches the apartment with its black and white tiles.


Those two studios have their own balcony and an architectural wall to separate the living room from the bedroom. They are both for one person only and measure 28 square meters. For 900 € per month, all included (WiFi, cleaning, electricity, water and gas), you will enjoy the most peaceful time in Brussels.


@aurélie choiral - studio 1
@aurélie choiral - studio 3

A02 – A04

The studio A02 is on the first floor and has a wallpaper with a lot of colors and a shower room with electric blue tiles, allowing you to put your best dance moves on the go while you prep yourself in the morning, a wonderful boost after a cosynight! A table in the kitchen that can have two people so you can show Brussels around to your guests. In the bedroom, a dressing stands to store your clothes. And the big plus? The shower room has a window!


They are both for one person only and measure 28 square meters. For 900 € per month, all included (WiFi, cleaning, electricity, water and gas), you will enjoy the most resourceful time in Brussels.

@aurélie choiral - studio 2
@aurélie choiral - studio 3


A05 – A06

Those two studios accept a maximum of two people and measure 35 square meters. The bedroom is accessible with stairs and allows some more privacy. An open kitchen, a separate shower room, a very cosy sofa, everything is there to make you feel right at home.


The wallpaper of the A05 is in nude tones with leaf design. While the one in A06 is in gray tones, but also with the leaf design. A high table to eat your meals prepared with love and a beautiful view on the neighborhood through the windows.


What else to ask?!


For 1000 € per month, all included (WiFi, cleaning, electricity, water and gas), create the best memories in Brussels.


@aurélie choiral - studio 5
@aurélie choiral - studio 6


See you soon for another article about our beautiful studios!