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Your Brooklyn-Style home in the business district of brussels

Your Brooklyn-Style home in the business district of brussels

A brand-new building has been unlocked at L Residence. We are more than proud to introduce you to Saint-Josse, a state-of-the-art residence that offers four completely renovated units. After more than a year of work, the team is proud to offer you its new baby with the look of the well-known district of New York, Brooklyn.

The original building was very old fashioned and outdated. The L Sphere team saw tremendous potential and we made the decision to renovate the entire building.

We kept some of the original features, such as the high ceiling spaces, the 6 meters-long balcony on the first floor, and the stairs which bring a certain charm to the building. Inside the units, there is one surface with exposed bricks (also original), contrasting with white walls, matte black kitchens with tri-colored tiles, highchairs, touches of warm colors and way more, but you’ll describe it better than we can. In short, you wake up as Jenny Humpfrey in her Brooklyn loft.

But let's not keep it a secret, and discover together these four unique andbeautiful units named Saint-Josse.

Renovated front of the Building
Original staircase


Through the completion of this building, a new neighbourhood has been unlocked. After Saint-Gilles, Cambre or even theCinquantenaire, L Residence is proud to introduce you to Congrès / Royale.

A district rich in culture and history with its many museums.

The BOZAR, one of the most important art museums in Belgium. The Comics Art Museum which takes you on a journey through the history of Belgian comics. The Fashionand Lace Museum which makes you discover the world of fashion in Brussels, and so many more museums just as interesting.

It is also a locality where you can find many places to go out and share a drink, to dance all night long or even sing you heart out in a private karaoke room. More of a Techno addict, or rather an 80s dancer? Whatever, you can have both in one night.

And of course, a big part of this district, is the multiple restaurants with different food choices around you. From the American Diner with its giant grill to the Italian ones with a thousand pasta, through the Turkish cuisine, your taste buds will never get tired!

Ambiorix parc
Place Saint-Josse



A vibrant and bright atmosphere, two minutes away from your new home. But do not worry, youwill be in a quiet street, easily accessible with a lot of public transportation.

Here's some of the public transportation you will find around you:

The metro lines 2 and 6 at Madou Station, 7 minutes away by foot. They will take you to the center of Brussels in less than 10 minutes.

If you want to access all of the four metro lines of Brussels, you can reach the Arts-Lois station by walking 10 minutes or by taking the metros 2 or 6 for one stop.

Two bus lines are 2 minutes away from your home, the 29 and the 63, in Saint-Josse stop. They all take you to the center. The 29 will bring you on the other end in the East side of Brussels, where you can enjoy walks in beautiful parks or shop inside. The 63 goes more on the residential side of Brussels in Evere, near the biggest cemetery of the city.  



This new one called “Saint-Josse” is honored to present you four different units. Let’s discover together those apartments, worthy of a work of art.

As you know, all these units include a brick exposed wall which reminded us of Brooklyn. They also have a warm wooden floor all around the unit. The bathrooms are all designed around a beautiful terrazzo floor, which are some marble chips on the surface of concrete.

Every livingroom includes a 43’’ TV where you can watch your favorite Netflix Show and some decoration perfectly picked by the architect's office, STAMP. The matte black kitchens are fullyequipped, with disco-style tiles.

The motto for those apartments is a “cosy yet mature universe”. We want you to feel at home right away, to feel like you stepped out of the world and transported across the ocean in the Big Apple.

Let’s dive into it.


A01 – The ground floor duplex

This sous-plex on the first floor holds a great luminosity thanks to its three high windows, from ground to ceiling.

A kitchen fully equipped and open in the dining room will give you an intimist and New-York kind of vibes. Downstairs, the lower ground floor is designed for your intimacy with a queen-size bed, a dresser for your clothes, a desk to study or answer your emails and of course, the shower room.

Living area and kitchen
Bedroom with the bathroom on the left


A02 and A03 – The mezzanines

On the first and second floors, you will find two identical units. The warm colors bring a cosy and happy atmosphere. The unit includes a big and open kitchen fully equipped, with a high table and stools to eat your best meals. The living room has an armchair with comfy pillows, a desk and a shelf and of course the TV.

Behind this kitchen, there is the shower room with a dressing. Above, a cosy and comfortable bed awaits you in a mezzanine, a typical move signed L Residence.


The living area with the kitchen
The mezzanine


A04 – The duplex

And finally, our amazing and bright duplex overlooks a beautiful view of Brussels. Some colorful frameworks in the dining room with inspirational quotes to dazzle your day. Everything is gathered so you can feel at home right away and just need to bring your suitcases. Beside the fully equipped and big kitchen, you have the living room with a two-seater sofa and cosy pillows. To top this up, there is a practical coffee table to enjoy your aperitifs with friends. 

Upstairs, you will find the bedroom with a Queen-size bed, an office area with a shelf to store your favorite books and of course a big dressing. This bedroom also includes a showroom illuminated thanks to a large skylight.

The living area with the kitchen
The bedroom upstairs


Hurry up and book your unit here. I promise you, it’s worth it.