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General terms and conditions

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The general conditions are applied to the services and to all existing contracts between the client and the company L Residence as well as the concerned agents.

L Residence refers to the company under the umbrella of L Sphere Corporate SRL whose registered office is at 185 Chaussée de la Hulpe, 1170 Watermael-Boitsfort. The company number is BE 0453 735 514.
By the term "service" we mean all services provided by L Residence to the clients (direct or indirect services).The term Tenant will be related to the client who signs the lease with L Residence.


The lease is any contract between the client and the agents of L Residence, therefore L Residence acts as the owner of the property being leased.

A client will be the term used for any recipient of services. This includes tenants, affiliated partner companies but also any third party who acts with the authority and knowledge of the beneficiary.


Regarding the services, the client declares that he/she has read, understood, and accepted the following general conditions by signing the lease. Nevertheless, L Residence reserves the right, under reservation, to add additional general and specific conditions for each lease and service offered. Any instruction provided will be definitive only after the signing of the lease, except for the fact that L Residence has already provided services to the clients.

All offers made in the leases are based on the information provided by the client. If the client observes incomplete or wrong information, L Residence is entitled to draw up a new additional proposal or to consider the cancelled contract at the expense of the client.L Residence reserves the right to use representatives or sub-agents for the provision of services (for example cleaning, workmen or repairmen) without the explicit written agreement of the client.

Any deadlines that may be indicated in any document provided by L Residence are only indicative. Any failure by L Residence to meet this deadline cannot be provoked by a client to obtain a complaint, compensation or cancellation/break of lease. On the other hand, all parties agree that L Residence can suspend the services or the lease of a Client if he/she does not fulfill his/her obligations (e.g. payment) or can make changes in due time.

Regarding payment, all invoices and amounts are to be paid in cash from the account number provided by the Residence on the signed lease. No payment in several instalments is accepted unless otherwise written and signed by both parties. The client and/or lessor accepts responsibility for any additional costs and charges not covered by L Residence. Damage interest of 15% (with a minimum of 130 euros) per year can be added by right to any unpaid amount from the due date, all this independently of legal costs and/or collection.

If the lease issued by L Residence and signed by the client is cancelled and/or terminated at the client's own expense, the client shall, by right and without prior notice, pay L Residence an indemnity equal to three months’ rent as provided for on the cancelled lease.