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What is the best way to get around Brussels?

What is the best way to get around Brussels?

With a population of over one million, Brussels is a city on the move, and we need to move with it. That's why there are different infrastructures to allow visitors and residents to move around Brussels. From the scooter to the shared cars, through the public transport network, there is always a solution allowing you to visit the surroundings of your L Residence. Here’s everything you have to know.

The STIB/MIVB: public transport network

If you have had the opportunity to walk around Brussels, you have surely noticed the tramways and buses crossing the city from one end to the other. With nearly 550 km of lines, public transport in Brussels is the easiest and most efficient way to get around the city. Thus, you will find on this map (, the buses, streetcars and subways covering the various corners of the city. To do this, nothing could be simpler, go to one of the stops served by the Stib/Mivb and you will find a vending machine, allowing you to buy your ticket. You can also easily calculate your route from your L Residence via this link

Different formulas are available to you:

one-trip tickets: 2,40€/unit 

-10 trip tickets: 15,60€/unit

-one day tickets: 7,80€/unit

-one-month subscriptions: 49,00€/unit

-one-year subscriptions: 499,00€/unit

-one-year youth tickets for people under 25 years old (living in Brussels): 12,00€/unit

Find the transportation near your L Residence:

Shared scooters, bikes, cars or even scooters

In view of the current environmental challenges, sustainable mobility has very quickly become one of the priorities of the city of Brussels. As a result, the capital has been undergoing many changes in terms of mobility over the past few years. Among these, we find the expansion of the network of bicycle paths, the development of parking for bicycles, the appearance of shared means of transport and many others. Getting around Brussels is good but doing it responsibly and green is better!

To make it easier for you, we've sorted out the list for you.

Shared scooters

For two years now, these small electrically powered vehicles have been all the rage in the capital. A whole network has been set up in the four corners of the city to allow everyone to make short and medium trips in the blink of an eye. Dott, Wind, Poppy and Lime are the main operators present on the Brussels roads. Of course, this solution has a price that varies between 0,15€ and 0,25€ per minute, with an extra 1€ for unlocking the scooter. To use them, nothing could be simpler, download the application, locate the scooter closest to you, scan the QR code and go on an adventure. However, don't forget to wear a helmet, getting around Brussels can be a challenge (especially during rush hour)! 

Bike sharing

For those who prefer peace and security, the shared bikes located throughout the city by the operators Blue-Bikes, Billy and Swapfiets are THE solution for you! There is an hourly rate of 0.15€ per minute (with a maximum of 5€/hour and 25€/day) as well as a flat rate that can go from 17.5€/month (for classic bikes) to 120€/month (for electric bikes). Like scooters, download, locate, scan and ride, but always with your helmet. 

Shared cars and scooters

In case of bad weather, or simply for comfort reasons, there is also the solution of shared cars or scooters to get around Brussels. Poppy and Cambio (for cars) and Go Sharing and Felyx (for scooters) are the main operators on the market. Poppy, Scooty and Felyx remain the most flexible solution. They allow you to borrow a car/scooter from anywhere in the city and drop it off wherever you want. As for Cambio, once you have completed your trip, you will have to return it to the same place where you borrowed it. As for the previous ones, nothing could be simpler, download the application of the operator, locate the nearest car or scooter and set off to discover the roads of Brussels.

Good news! All of our L Residences are located in areas served by the above-mentioned operators. In general, the 19 “communes” (districts) of Brussels are part of it. Nevertheless, Poppy remains the only operator to deprive certain communes of the use of these motorized vehicles. However, don't worry, our apartments are not affected by this exception. 

Positioning of the L Residence according to the Poppy zones in Brussels


Finally, there is also a large network of cabs in Brussels ready to take you from one end of the city to the other in no time. Even if this is the most comfortable way to get around Brussels, it is still the most expensive. The price varies from 1,80€/km to 2,70€/km and the pick-up fee is 2,40€ per day and 4,40€ per night. 

A well-known alternative available in the whole Brussels region is Uber. With the mobile app, enter your destination and find a driver near you. In general, Uber is the cheapest solution but beware of price increases. In case of high demand and during peak hours, your ride may cost you way more than usual.

(Good plan alert! In the case of transportation to the airport, take advantage of promotional offers proposed by certain cab companies).