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Top 5 of the best brunches in Brussels

Top 5 of the best brunches in Brussels

Brunches in Brussels will make you smile

It’s your first time in Brussels and you arrive in the middle of an harsh winter? The rain made your coat become a giant sponge and your feet start to look like flippers? While waiting for spring, what better way to find solace than with the warm and hearty Belgian gastronomy! Get rid of the clichés about French fries with mayonnaise, beer, and Belgian chocolate, brunches in Brussels are the best way to find your sunbeam in this depressing winter. In this article, you will find the best places to have great brunches in Brussels. Our team had to carry out the heavy task of testing a lot of themfor you, and it was not a small feat. In our top 5, you will find: Chalet Robinson, DJO, Chez Nous, POZ", and Creme.  

The royal palace
A classic brunch

Number 5: The Chalet Robinson

As true Brussels people we are gourmets, so we had to begin this ranking with an all-you-can-eat buffet. In the south of the capital, in the heart of the Bois de la Cambre, you will find a charming cottage surrounded by a flourishing nature. Here, what we are selling you is an adventure. Indeed, in order for you to reach this very pastoral treasure and the delicious and hearty feast that comes with it, you will have to take a boat and cross the tumultuous streams. In spite of its off-center location, this little piece of heaven will offer you a wonderful view on the green water of the lake. Moreover, when the good weather returns, the establishment even offers to rent boats or pedal boats to go around the island. Nevertheless, the place is also worth it in winter, when the nature wears its white coat, and you can enjoy the delicious brunch menu while warming yourself up inside the cottage. Despite its high cost, this sweet and sour treat is one of the best brunches in Brussels: assorted pastries, tarts, pancakes, waffles, salads, salmon, cheese and deli meats will delight you.

Where? Sentier de l'Embarcadère 1, 1000 Brussels

When? Only on Sunday and public holidays

At what cost? 40€ for adults and 20€ for children less than 12

You can book a table at Chalet Robinson or by phoning the following number: +32 2 372 92 92.

@houseofweddings, the Chalet Robinson under the snow
@houseofweddings, the cottage in spring

Number 4: DJO

This lovely place is certainly one of the most welcoming and friendly brunches in Brussels. Indeed, this industrial and vintage setting, with its apparent rough materials, fosters a convivial mood and lively discussions. Moreover, this trendy look is also magnified by glowing and tasteful decorations. Thus, in DJO you will feast and delight yourself in exchange of 28€ well invested (the price seems at first a little high but it’s justified given the context, the location and the quality of the brunch). As a matter of fact, the menu is quite hearty: inside, you will find the essentials (bread, butter, and jam), eggs with mayonnaise, a salad, the main dish, and a warm beverage. What’s more, you can order a supplement to the menu (expensive but generous) if you feel like rolling in money and living large. Furthermore, because DJO is great they let you choose between 4 options: the classic, theveggie, the meat-eater, or the fish-eater. These delicious meals are sure toplease every palate. Finally, don’t worry: after you ate like an ogre, you canrelax by shopping in this vibrant neighbourhood (we personally recommend the Chausséed’Ixelles, which includes most of the well-known shops such asH&M Bershka and Zara).

Where? Chaussée de Charleroi 227, 1060 Saint-Gilles

When? Only the weekend (between 11am and 3pm)

At what cost? 28€ for a brunch menu

You can book a table at DJO by phoning the following number: +32 2 375 81 43.

-> You can also take away.

@djo-bistrobar, the bar
@djo-bistrobar, the brunch and the tables

Number 3: Chez Nous

Actually, what is really a brunch? I don't know about you, but we think that a true brunch makes us feel like at home. This is the reason why “Chez Nous” is in this ranking. Here is what you can expect from it: the prices are affordable, and the meals are tasty, their products are as fresh and local as possible and the portion sizes are more than generous, the service makes sure to be very caring and the decor is neat. Simply one of the most charming brunches in Brussels. Moreover, a very pleasant terrace is open when the sun shines, which allows you to prepare your skin to the sun for the holidays while dashing all your hopes of summer body. To hell with the dictates of our society, this place is made to indulge ourselves! Therefore, we highly recommend their French toast buns, their pancakes, and their salmon gravlax.

Where? Rue Américaine 95, 1050Ixelles

When? Only the weekend (between 11am and 3pm)

At what cost? Between 20 and 30€ approximately

You can book a table at Chez Nous or by phoning the following number: +32 2 315 84 76.

-> You can also take away.

@cheznousbxl, the inside and the terrace
@cheznousbxl, the pancakes

Number 2: POZ”

You have always been told that brunches are for boho and hipster? None of this is true. Brunches are for epicurean, fun-loving and food lovers who believes that the world belongs to those who don’t wake up to early on weekend. This is particularly true when you go to POZ”, one of the most popular brunches in Brussels. A decoration that takes us on a journey, an amazing service which is always cheerful and very affordable prices… what more? Homemade pastries, elaborate recipes, fresh and healthy products… POZ” is definitely one of the iconic brunches in Brussels. In addition, given the aesthetic of the dishes and the decor, you will be delighted to be able to take very Instagram-friendly stories and make all your friends jealous. You could eat a horse? You’d better eat a POZ’s brunch.

After the feast, we recommend you to try the JAT’ Café (which is only 100 meters away), a wonderful coffee shop that we tested in this article: best-coffee-shop-spots-in-brussels, where you will find the very best coffee shop in Brussels.


              - Chatelain: Rue Defacqz 92, 1060 Saint-Gilles (Ourfavorite)

              - Parvis Uccle: Rue du Postillon 15, 1180 Uccle


              - Chatelain: Monday - Friday: 8am-7pm / Weekend: 9am-7pm

              - Parvis Uccle: Monday - Friday: 9am-6pm / Weekend: 10am-6pm

At what cost? 24,9€ for a brunch menu

They don’t take any reservation and don’t do takeaway.

@pozbrussels, the one of Parvis Uccle
@pozbrussels, the pancakes

Our favourite:Crème

Crème is a very pleasant coffee shop restaurant that will serve you delicious pancakes and toasts based on Australian food style. Moreover, if you are new in Brussels this place is the perfect beginning thanks to its location right in the center of Brussels (close to the Grand-Place and most tourist attractions). This address is thus one of the best brunches in Brussels and will be a perfect match whether you have a big appetite or just a small hunger. Indeed, it offers breakfast (smaller but less expensive portions) or generous brunches all day, and the meals are made with local and fresh products. It’s also a perfect spot for coffee lovers. We particularly loved this brunch, both for its charming service and its exquisite food. This is the perfect place to take a break, we guarantee that you will be totally immerged in their universe (as for us, we surely were). Speaking of which, we must confess that, when tasting these yummy Australian pancakes in this lovely setting with its luxuriant decoration (wicker chairs, plants on the ceiling…), we almost thought we saw kangaroos!

Where? Rue de Rollebeek 30, 1000 Brussels

When? Anytime between 9am and 6pm

At what cost? Between 30€ and 50€

They don’t take any reservation.

-> They do takeaway or you can also have your brunch delivered.

@cremebrussels, the inside
@cremebrussels, the brunch