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The best sandwiches in Brussels: a top 4 tested by our staff

The best sandwiches in Brussels: a top 4 tested by our staff

You work / study in Brussels, and you would love to eat a great, reasonably priced sandwich during lunch break? Say no more, our team found a couple hidden gems. As you have may be seen in our Instagram stories, (PS: if you don't follow us, now is the time: @lresidence_eu  you are missing out on a lot! ;) ) we went around to the sandwich shops near the city center to evaluate a few criteria: filling, taste, overall service and value for money of the sandwich sold.

1. JEANBON: quality products in a trendy atmosphere

First, we started with JeanBon, a sandwich shop well known for its excellent sandwiches. They say they offer fresh, fast and good food and we wanted to put this information to the test. Each sandwich is made with high quality products, especially dairy and meat (Italian Coppa,Brussels "Ballekes",...) We chose the Italian sandwich, the Il Parmigiano and the Brusseleir, we all agreed to put an 8/10 for the taste which can be considered a very good grade. Then, regarding the filling of the sandwich, it is proper so it is also an 8/10. The staff as a whole is really competent, nice and smiling. They do their best to act quick, so that the customers don't wait too long. Our final rating is 9/10. If you take away, the sandwich is already prepared, you just have to pay: it's really fast. If you want to sit and stay, you can and we recommend you do so! The decor and trendy atmosphere of each JeanBon restaurant is worth it, you don't need to pay extra!

The price of a sandwich is between 5,30€ and 6,60€ depending on the ingredients you choose. Our whole team enjoyed their sandwiches, we gave them a 7.5/10 for value for money as we think the location is included in the price. So when you take away, it can take away a bit of value as well. Don't forget your credit card because they don't accept cash! Each store is open from 10am to 6:30pm every day except Sunday.

The best sandwiches in Brussels: JeanBon sandwich tested : Brusseleir
The Brusseleir : Home made meatball, emmental cheese, arugula, tomato, mayonnaise.
The best sandwiches in Brussels: outdoor terrace of the JeanBon sandwich shop.
JeanBon, Avenue Louise 146

2. THERESE ET DOMINIQUE : for the greediest

Then, we discovered Thérèse and Dominique. They only have one address: 23 Rue de Joncker - 1060 Saint Gilles. The store is open from Monday to Saturday from 8:30 am to 4 pm. They offer 8 different sandwiches, but you can also make your own! You choose your main ingredient (meat or cheese) and your sauce. For 2 euros more you can choose 6 vegetables to put in your baguette. It is therefore possible to get the sandwich of your dreams for 6€ or less! And if you think it's not full enough, you can add other ingredients to your sandwich. The sandwiches on the menu cost now 6€. Indeed, the store recently increased its prices by 70 cents on all its sandwiches, due to inflation and strong competitiveness in the neighborhood.

That's why we gave it a 10/10 for the filling, because it is easy to get full when you make your own sandwich. Regarding the taste, the products look fresh and appetizing. We tested a personalized sandwich and one proposed on the menu. Both were excellent, a 9/10 is deserved. The space is cosy, you can eat your sandwich inside or outside. The waiters are friendly and efficient, they do their best to reduce the queue. You will have to wait a little because of the success of the place. So, for the overall service, it is a 9/10. Finally, for the quality/price ratio we give a 8/10. Indeed, the price (usually5€) was a good deal for the area. Now the price of their products is the average price of the district.

The best sandwiches in Brussels: personalized sandwich tested
Personalized sandwich : sweet potatoes, peppers, eggplant, roasted chicken
The best sandwiches in Brussels: inside of Thérèse et Dominique sandwich store.
Thérèse et Dominique, Rue Dejoncker 23


Following the same model, we went to Exki. They have many stores in Brussels, accross all busy neighborhoods. They offer 10 sandwiches but also salads, hot dishes, desserts, and drinks. They have meals for everyone and for all tastes. Indeed, they do vegan, vegetarian but also gluten-free and lactose-free food, 40% of the products are organic. They are open all day from 7:30 am until 8 pm. This company is present in many European countries.  The price of the sandwich starts at 4,50€ and goes up to 5,50€. This is the most competitive price in the area but also the smallest sandwich size.

That's why we give an 8 out of 10 for the quality/price ratio and a 7/10 for the filling (because of the size of the sandwich). The one we tested was the Beef Tartar John, we all enjoyed it. It is the best of all, the bread can be a bit harder (there are a couple frenchies in the team that ask for absolute perfection when it comes to bread) we give an 8,5/10 for the taste. Then, for the service in general, it is very fast, we don't lose time in the queue and the staff is nice. It is an 8 out of 10 simply because there is less choice for the sandwiches than the competitors.

The best sandwiches in Brussels: Beef Tartar, John sandwich tested
John sandwich : Beef Tartar
The best sandwiches in Brussels: inside of Exki restaurant.
Exki inside, Avenue Louise 194A

4. BAGELCORNER: Getting the NYC feel

Finally, we wanted to try a very busy place: Bagelcorner in the Louise metro station. It's a small shop where you can take your bagel. You have 4 bagels each for 7€ (menu at 9€) or 4 bagels for 8,50€ (menu at 10,50€). You choose your type of bagel bread (cheese, cereal, poppy) and then they prepare yourbagel in front of you. They use qualitative and fresh products prepared every morning, we give them an 8,5/10 for the taste. Concerning the filling, we hesitated because the ingredients contained in the bagel are put in good quantity, but a bagel can be insufficient as a meal for some people. It is thus a note of 7,5/10 for the satiety. To get a bagel you don't wait so long, the service is fast and the staff is nice. However, there is no reserved space to eat. So, it's an 8 out of 10 for the whole service. In conclusion, for the quality/price ratio, we give a 7/10. Indeed, it's tasty but a bit expensive for a bagel. You can find your Bagelcorner everywhere in France, in Belgium...

The best sandwiches in Brussels: Vegetarian bagel tested
Vegetarian bagel : Tomatoes, avocado, salad, peppers, onions
The best sandwiches in Brussels: Bagelcorner sandwich store.
Bagelcorner, Louise station

In conclusion, in Brussels there are sandwich shops for every taste and wallet! For the people who like to have luxury products JeanBon is made for you. For people in a hurry who want something basic and of good quality: Exki is there to serve you, you are sure that your sandwich will be ready to eat in seconds. For those who are very hungry, who want to treat themselves and eat artisanal products: Thérèse et Dominique will be your favorite sandwich shop. Finally, if at the end of the week, you feel lazy to eat a sandwich again, Bagelcorner is an alternative that escapes your routine.

There are still many excellent sandwich shops in Brussels, like Alimentation, Chou Sando, Tonton Garby or El Bocadillo...