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Night clubs and parties in Brussels : your ultimate guide (2023)

Night clubs and parties in Brussels : your ultimate guide (2023)

Here you are, you have just arrived in Brussels, and you are wondering where you can go enjoy yourself during the nighttime. You feel like dancing until the morning to the sound of bass, or listening to the new underground music of the week. In short, you need to know where all of the best clubs in Brussels are.

You are in the right place. In this article, you will know everything about clubbing culture in the capital, the prices, the minimum age so you can embrace the dancefloor.

Brussels has a very diverse nightlife scene to offer. Whether you are a student or a worker, you can find the bar or the night club of your preference.


Address of Chez Ginette
credit @chezginettehomemadeclub

Every Friday night you will meet with “Ginette”, the mother of all Belgian girls and boys. Her motto :“come as you are”. No need to dress fancy or in high heels. There, you will hear to commercial music but not only! You will vibe to  “older” music such as Céline Dion or the SpiceGirls.

Every week, the theme is different. From the 90s to a night dedicated to Britney Spears, This is the perfect opportunity to get a hit of nostalgia mixed with a load of commercial tunes, and sing your heart out.

The club opens at 10PM and closes at 6AM. The first hour, the entrance is free.Afterwards, it’s 7€.

“Happy hours” lasts until midnight (you buy one drink, you receive two), on all drinks (cocktails, beers, shots).

The club is open to 20 years old people and above.

All of their events are listed on their Facebook Page.

Every now and then, Chez Ginette holds a special night. For example, on Halloween, they have a theme party where you can come dressed up as a witch, a ghost or any other costume.


Address of the Fuse

Le Fuse is one of the most popular clubs in Brussels. The music there is for techno lovers and every year, many international DJs are coming to set the dancefloor on fire. Most of the events take place on Friday or Saturday nights, but Le Fuse is very famous for its gay nights on Sunday.

Depending on the events, the entrance fee is between 15€ and 20€. Usually, pre-sales are available online at an early bird price.

All of their events are listed on their website


Address of the Spirito
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The Spirito is a club located in a very unusual place. Are you ready? It takes place in an old church! Yes, indeed, if you go there, you will dance inside a church, listen to international DJ surrounded by arches and stained glasses. But do not worry, this church has been desacralized.

The entrance fee is around 10€ and you will need to be well dressed to enter the club. It is one of the hottest in town, the decoration of the club will not leave you indifferent: elegance and refinement are on point.

Their events start around 11PM and you will dance all night, until 5AM, when the doors will close.

All of their events are listed on their Facebook Page.


Address of Madame Moustache
credit @lesbarrés

Another well-known club in Brussels: Madame Moustache. You can dance to different styles of music depending on the events. From a funk music night to a disco kind of soirée, there is something for every taste. Madame Moustache also organizes some themed evenings, such as cabaret or rock parties.They have a cool terrace you can enjoy all summer long. On occasions, the bar is dedicated to concerts and special events.

Depending on the events, the entrance fee is between 5€ and 7€.

All of their events are listed on their Facebook Page.


Address of Bloody Louis
credit @thecoolguide

A dance club hidden in the Galleries Louise, the Bloody Louis performs during the weekend (on Friday and Saturday). It hosts many famous names in the music industry (DJs, singers…). The Bloody Louis has almost 10 years of nightlife’s memories, and everyone in Brussels knows this dancing club. Do not go there if the kind of music you are hoping for is electronic (except for some special event when certain DJs are coming). Its niche is urban music, such as hip-hop,RnB…

You will need to be 20 years old + to enter the club. ID card might be asked.

Depending on the events, the entrance fee is between 10€ and 12,5€.

All of their events are listed on this website.    


Address of C12
credit @Elodie Drareg


Located in the heart of Brussels, where you can find concerts, art installations, dance floor, and wait for it, a local market!!

They put themselves as a safe place where everyone is welcomed and protected. Creativity and alternative culture are the watchwords. Art and clubbing collide, and their philosophy is strong. Before you enter the club, the security proceeds to some basic questions regarding personal space and consent, to make sure everyone feels as safe as possible.

The kind of music you will find are house and techno music. Underground DJ’s from all over the world come to play. Some events are more electronic, depending on the main guest.

The entrance fee is around 15€.

Find their events on the website


Address of Café Luxembourg
credit @cafeluxembourg

The Café Luxembourg, near Brussels-Luxembourg Station, is a bar but also a place where you can eat for not very expensive. The food there is called “Mezze” (= a selection of small dishes served as appetizers, we can find in West Asia/Middle East) and is served between 6PM and 10PM. Nothing goes up 9 euros.

Café Luxembourg is most known as an afterwork bar, where you may enjoy Happy Hour, from Monday to Friday (6PM to 7PM). There are a lot of cocktails choices and Belgian beers.

The entrance is free.

Find everything on their website!  


Address of Plein Publiek
credit @willem van puyenbroeck

Located near the Central Station in Brussels, Plein Publiek opened its doors two years ago. They have a buzzy-worthy reputation in the capital and offer you live concerts, salsa dance nights, fashions shows, vintage markets, and of course, clubbing all night long! The kind of music you will enjoy depends on the event of the night. You can dance on Latina music and the week after, enjoy yourself with an “All Time Classics”.  

Every Friday and Saturday nights, DJ’s are there to make you dance.

Depending on the events, the entrance fee is between 8€ and 10€. We suggest you purchase your ticket online in advance because entries are limited.

Find their events on their website.