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L Residence VS Coliving : what to choose ?

L Residence VS Coliving : what to choose ?

You are going to live in Brussels for a longer or shorter period, from 3 months to years, and you are still hesitating between individual housing or coliving? We hope that this article will help you find your dream accommodation in Brussels!


Brussels, the European capital, is a city that welcomes thousands of expatriates and young workers every semester. One of the most common ways to find accommodation as young travelers and workers is through coliving. 

The first coliving appeared in Brussels in 2016 and have not stopped growing in popularity. Lots of companies offer coliving ranging from 6 to 20 roommates, sharing the kitchen, living room, sometimes bathrooms, outdoor spaces, leaving your private space to one room: your own bedroom. This type of renting offers advantages like a set of services gathered for a fixes monthly price (regular cleaning, common purchase of household products, subscription to platforms like Netflix...). 

Coliving is, above all, seen as a human interest: to be surrounded by other people of all backgrounds, ages, and interests, and has some common drawbacks such as the sharing of common spaces with a lot of people and prices that are starting to match the prices of studios and one bedroom apartments.

L residence

L Residence is a company offering high quality apartments to young workers and expatriates who want to live in the best areas of Brussels. Contrary coliving accommodations, L Residence offers one-to-two-bedroom apartments, modern studios, or duplexes, fully equipped, and renovated in a modern way. In addition to the quiet surroundings, you have access to your own kitchen and bathroom. 

L Residence also works with an all-in price including your monthly rent, all bills, a weekly cleaning, wifi and access to your favorite streaming platforms. Property managers are available to answer your questions and help you out. L Residence is an international team of professionals ready to offer you all the comfort you need for a short or medium stay in Brussels. To get all the information you need for your trip to the European capital, you can browse through the blog provided for this purpose. 

You get to choose where you feel most comfortable and how you want to experience Brussels: so, do you trust L Residence to make you feel at home in another country?