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Belgium : Brussels, but not only !

Belgium : Brussels, but not only !

Known for its Renaissance architecture and as the home of the European Union headquarters, Belgium includes three distinct regions: Flanders (spoken language: Flemish), Wallonia (spoken language: French) and Brussels Capital (spoken languages: French and Flemish).  You’ll also hear german-speaking Belgians if you happen to get closer to the German border.

You are probably reading this article because you are planning to move to Brussels, or to visit this capital...or even because you are already there and are interested in disovering something else. Brussels is the European capital and is full of hidden gems (monuments, bars, parties, food...). But Belgium hides more beautiful places, so here are some places to explore if you are on the Belgian territory.


Just under an hour from Brussels-Midi, Ghent is a port city and a cultural hub. The city center is a pedestrian area with impressive gothic style sites. 

You will have as many monuments to discover as streets to walk. Ghent is known as a wonderful place to party because of all the universities it hosts.

From the Castle of the Counts of Flanders, St. Bavo's Cathedral, beer tasting, the Crane Quay, the Grain Market, the Museum of Fine Arts, or the city center, there’s plenty of things to do. 

So, are you ready to be rocked by a medieval style city rich in activities?

Brussels - Ghent


The perfect mix between a lively city and a delicate fashion hub, Antwerp is the destination not to be missed if you pass through Belgium. 

Don't be surprised if you don't see any cars, in Flanders bicycles are THE means of transportation of choice, and Antwerp is no exception to the rule. 

You might want to take a walk in the "little island" district, which happens to be the oldest port district of Antwerp and which, as its name suggests, is surrounded by water. You will find emblematic cultural activities and architecture. Don't forget to lose yourself in the alleys of the historical center, where architecture, museums and cathedrals will fill your eyes. The Central Station has long been called the most beautiful train station in the world, so we recommend you go there to see for yourself. And if there's one place you shouldn't miss, it's the Zuid (meaning “South”), which is statement neighborhood for Antwerp's inhabitants and tourists including big mansions, large art galleries, wide boulevards, and beautiful squares.

Brussels - Antwerp


Belgium also includes beaches and posh places. Knokke is a chic and famous seaside city on the Belgian coast (located at about 20 km from Bruges). There, you will find everything that represents the seaside: casino, big villas, restaurants, high-end stores, art galleries... 

You can take a walk to the Zwin, which is a unique nature reserve with a hundred distinct kinds of birds. Or you’d prefer to wander around the residential area of Le Zoute where you will find the largest villas. Otherwise, you can go to Knokke to have fun, where the most famous casino in Belgium is located. Don't be surprised, Knokke is undoubtedly the most expensive seaside resort on the Belgian coast.

The good thing is, you can enjoy the local specialties, both from the region and from the whole country!

Brussels - Knokke-Le-Zoute

There are still tons of places to visit in Belgium, so stay tuned to our blog or Instagram to see more tips on what to do in this Belgian country!