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15 activities to do in Brussels under the RAIN

15 activities to do in Brussels under the RAIN

Brussels under the rain…does this situation seem to be recurrent? Unfortunately, it is not a myth, it rains regularly in Brussels. Take an umbrella (transparent is even better, to know where you go) because if the showers don’t last long, they get heavy quickly.

However, the “drache” as the Belgians would say, does not prevent anyone from having fun, discovering new things, or even strutting around. Indeed, here is a list of numerous activities and ideas you can try when your weekends are grey.  


Restaurants and bars make you feel good

First of all, trying out new dishes with your friends is a good alternative when it rains. Indeed, many restaurants are open all week long. There are some excellent spots to try out famous Belgian delicacies, spread around the city. The best fries, Flemish carbonnade, shrimp croquettes or plain croquettes, gaufrite (a mixture of waffle and fries) are served in these lovely restaurants: Fernand Obbs, Schievelavabo, 'T Kelderke,  Mer du Nord or Ballekes (fast and student friendly concept). However, if you prefer to taste specialties from all over the world, the Wolf is a concept that you will love. There are about twenty stands with Asian, African, European, or American specialties. A good combination for everyone to eat what they want. Then, there is the Luck, a restaurant full of board games. Open all day, take a brunch, lunch, or a snack, and play board games at the same time. The fee is 5€ per person, which includes a game master explaining the rules. There are games for all tastes:  strategy games, logic games, general knowledge games or entertainment games. A great concept to spend time with your close friends, laugh as a child, forget your phone, and enjoy the moment.

a warm and shared place where you can taste more than 20 specialties from around the world.
The Wolf, inside, Rue du Fossé aux Loups 50, Brussels
A fun and orignal place to discover new games with your friends and family., inside, Rue Washington 74, Ixelles
Flemish style carbonnade made by 'T Kelderke, Flemish style carbonnade, Grote Markt 15, Brussels
kroket balls, burgers, fries, specialty from Ballekes Brussels, specialties, Rue de Chapeliers 3, Brussels

Another great idea is to visit a brewery forbeer lovers and end up tasting it in a bar. Learning how to make beer and then drinking it is a fun concept. Go discover new bars and remake the world in a warm atmosphere. We give you some ideas of different bars to visit at the end of this article: Christmas and winter in Brussels: your guide. After three beers in the late afternoon, you'll forget that it's raining. …and that's not a bad thing!

variety of beers in Brussels, activities do to under the rain
Variety of beers
the place of Flagey : café belga, nice bar to share beers even when it rains.
@cafebelgabrussels, the place of Flagey

Otherwise, if you want to take advantage of this rainy moment to work, snack or chat with friends, many cafés are open all day for you. I'll let you read our article : List of the best coffee shop/spots in Brussels.  

Culinary workshop : indoor activities

Secondly, for those with a sweet tooth, chocolate and waffle classes are offered. From designing to sculpting of chocolates, it is possible to create your own chocolate by following the instruction of the maître chocolatier. The same goes for waffles where you can take part in a cooking class.  Enjoy yourself while having fun! These classes are available for families and groups of friends. For the waffle’s workshops, it costs around 20-30€ per person. You can participate with Isual International, BravoDiscovery or Brussels Waffle Workshop. For the chocolate workshops, there is the Belgian Chocolate Workshop in Brussels in the center (open daily from 10am to 6.30pm) or Concept Chocolate (also open daily from 9am to 6pm), in the north of Brussels or The Belgian Chocolate Makers, in the heart of the capital (open daily from 10am to 7pm except on weekends. On Sundays, it is open from 11am to 3pm). The activity costs around 35-40€ for an adult and 25€ for a child.

Learn to make Belgian and Liège waffles with a professional, activities to do under the rain
Waffle classes in Brussels
Learn to make chocolate with a professional, activities to do under the rain
Chocolate courses in Brussels organized by a master chocolatier

Moreover, many chocolate and cocoa museums located in the center welcome you: Choco-Story, Belgian Chocolate Village Museum, Chocolatenation… In Belgium, chocolate isn’t only a treat, it is part of the culture and heritage of the nation.  You will learn the composition and techniques related to chocolate and better understand the passion of Belgian.

Master chocolate maker, activities to do under the rain
@discoverbenelux, Master chocolate maker
the interior of Chocolate Nation museum : activities to do under the rain.
@chocolatenationtreasurehall, the interior of Chocolate Nation museum


Activities of adventure and action: Koezio, Lazergame, bowling

If you want to move and have fun with friends, go bowling at CroslyBowling, Brussels Bowling Ixelles, Bowling Stones, laser game like Space Laser Game, or Koezio. These cool activities will make you forget the rain and go back to your teenage years. Laughter, challenge, and entertainment will be on the program. Koezio, if you have never tried it, is a spy mission that will calculate how well you and your friends can work together. It includes many physical, logical and strategic activities that allow you to surpass yourself and live an unusual moment as a team. It costs 30€ per person for 2 hours of activities and a debrief at the end. Remember to book online because they will charge you 5€ more on the spot.

Bowling :activity to do under the rain.
@crosly, bowling lane, Boulevard de l'Empereur 26, Brussels
Koezio : activities to do under the rain.
@familiscope, Koezio, Boulevard Lambermont 1, Brussels

Activities of originals and fun: arcade games, escape games, axe throwing

Next, other fun and original activities are to be tried in the capital. Indeed, arcade games as Gamestate Brussels or Gaming Store, axe throwing like Woodcutter or Tomahawk exist in Brussels and they are unique experiences to try at least once. Escape Games can also be very bonding… or challenge your friendships, several rooms are in Brussels like Escape HuntBrussels, Enygma, Get out. So let off steam and get rid of all the pressure and stress you are carrying on your shoulders., arcade games
@visitbrussels, escape games in brussels
axe throwing, activities to do under the rain
Axe throwing
Escape room in nigma, an escape game, activities to do under the rain
Enygma, Place de l'Albertine 3, Brussels

Sweet moments doing ceramics or pottery : indoor activities

Then, bad weather days are also an opportunity to develop your artistic soul. Give way to your creativity by taking a course of a few hours in ceramics or/and pottery. C.RAMIC Art Café like many other places has the necessary material to personalize an object of your choice (dishes or decorative object). All the objects cost between 20 and 26€. An assistant is there to help you and guide you in your choice of creation. A few days later,your work of art is ready to be picked up and used. If you want to do a session or a complete workshop, just reserve a few days in advance and make room for a relaxing moment alone, with friends or family!

Making ceramics and pottery, activities to do under the rain.o
Create your own pottery
Course to learn the basics of pottery and customization of ceramics, activities to do under the rain
Course to learn the basics of pottery and customization of ceramics


Let’s get motivated by doing sports

Indeed, it is nice to be by yourself, so here are many activities to do alone or with others in this rainy weather. To begin, move on from the gym: if you like to walk, run or do outdoor sports, it's time to take a break and explore other disciplines by going to a club. There are many gyms in Brussels with different prices and possibilities. If you want to work out alone: BasicFit is a good fitness club. Indeed, you have all the machines at your disposal, and make your own program with the help of a coach or not. If you are motivated to work out only with group classes, then many fitness clubs could fill your needs: Jims, Bruxelles Fitness, Fitnastic will be perfect for you. The price per month is about 30€. Finally, some high-end fitness clubs are equipped with sauna, jacuzzi to accelerate recovery. You can double the price of the monthly subscription for a luxury complex. Another option is to take up swimming. The Bains du Centre in the center, Aquagym le Nautile in Watermael or the Piscine L'Espadonin Jourdan are excellent clean public pools.

Gym classes : doing some sport, activities to do under the rain
Gym classes
Doing some sports : swimming session, activities to do under the rain
Swimming session

Fill up on emotions by going to the cinema

Secondly, go to the cinema: in Brussels, there is a particularity, you can see your movie in French, in Flemish or in English, as you wish. This is the time to improve your level and be transported for two hours in your seat. Surf on Kinepolis, There is always a student price, it's 11€ a ticket at UGC and 12€ at Kinepolis. Going to the movies used to be more affordable in Brussels, but the price has consistently gone up in the past years. However, you can still get a ticket for 7€ at Le Stockel, but the timetables are limited.

cinema session, activities to do under the rain
3D cinema session, activities to do under the rain

Take a walk in nice places in the capital: under the rain or covered

Then, an unmissable place to visit in Brusselsis the Royal Galleries of Saint-Hubert. These galleries gather numerous and sumptuous stores of jewelry, fashion, beauty but also specialists in chocolate and restaurants. 3 magnificent glass shopping galleries make up the gallery: called the gallery of the queen, the king, and the prince. You can stroll in the rain and admire the beautiful architecture, enter the stores, and sit in the covered terraces to enjoy a good waffle or hot chocolate.

If you want to go for a walk because it's not raindrops that stop you, you can go to rue Haute where you'll find many thriftstores and decoration stores. You will discover little nuggets at more than reasonable prices!

The chaussée Ixelles is very dense in shops (but don't forget your umbrella 😊). In the same category of fast fashion stores, you can go to Rue Neuve, where you’ll find your common fashion stores such as H&M and Zara, and many trendy cosmetics shops. Moreover, hang out in the Sablon district: antique shops, chocolate makers and filigree bookshops you will be delighted.

Royal Galleries, stores and terraces : activities to do under the rain
Royal Galleries, stores and terraces
shopping in the street, walking around, activities to do under the rain
Rue Neuve to do some shopping

If you prefer to shop in modern shopping centers, you'll appreciate the Docks and the Woluwe Shopping Center. Indeed, you will find all the classic stores you need as well as supermarkets and restaurants. At the Docks, there’s also a cinema, usually having great events for premiers, or marathons such as Harry Potter once in a while.

Without forgetting that simple times such as reading, hosting a Netflix & chill, tinkering or even testing new recipes are quite feasible without leaving home ;).

In conclusion, you can discover and test many new activities. From now on, between moments of relaxation, challenge, learning and laughter you will occupy your rainy days with a master hand. Don't hesitate to share these tips with your friends!